If you are already on the waiting list logon to update your profile.  (See "Member Login" button to the right on this page.)

MRPC welcomes prospective new members.  Due to the great interest in joining our club we've established a process to apply for membership then be invited to the monthly New Member Orientation schedule.

Once you apply for membership your profile will indicate your application date and application number.  Below you will see the next application number to be invited to the next orientation. (*)

We invite about 30 applicants to each month's orientation.  This information will provide you an indication where your position is for an orientation date.  You can look up your Application Number in your profile.  Simply logon with your Username and Password.

The next application number to be invited to the next orientation is around →  373  (*)

If your personal information has changed (especially if your email has changed) click the "Update Personal Profile" under "Waiting List" in the above menu.

 (*) If you applied after August 31, 2018 then you will not have an "Application Number" so look at your "Member Number".  So, take your "Member Number" subtract 3,577 and this will provide you a relative number position to the "Application Number" above.  Sorry about this but it was due to the transition to the MMS system.